Tips for Playing Online with a Live Dealer

Roulette and live blackjack are the fastest growing online casino games in recent years. It is certain that machine slots remain popular, but it must be admitted that the live gaming options of the best online casinos make the difference. Unlike the slot machines that pay , live games with live dealer really reproduce the atmosphere of a real game room. And the best part about these live streaming casinos is that they are open 24/7. Whatever the time of day or night, the atmosphere is always in full swing in the largest live online casino rooms. The options usable on PC and mobile allow you to interact with the dealer directly. You have to see it to believe it!

Play live casino with croupiers

Croupiers and croupiers are present at the gaming tables. Not surprisingly, roulette and blackjack are the most popular, followed by baccarat and poker variations. As in a real casino, you can chat with the players at the gaming tables. And of course, you can see how the other players are betting. If the experience of an online casino with live dealers, keep reading our article to be well prepared for your future live bets. And also know, contrary to what one might think, that these are table gameswho have the best payout rates. European roulette and blackjack have a payout rate of approx. 98%, while slot machines have an average rate of 95%… If you want to have more precise details on this subject, a visit to the win page at the casino of the OCP guide is advised.

Choose a recommended live online casino

The reputation of an online casino makes all the difference. With live gaming, the most awarded casino by our experts is Gaming Club . This casino site, active since 1994, is by far the best of all for playing blackjack and roulette for real.

Know the rules of the game that interests you

We can not emphasize this enough! To optimize your results at the casino, you absolutely must know the rules of the game. Knowing when to double, wait or withdraw is essential. The basic rules of roulette are fairly simple to learn. In blackjack, on the other hand, it is advisable to study the rules of the game well. The trick of training for free with the demo versions of online casinos allows you to improve without betting any money. Reading expert books is highly recommended to fully understand all aspects of a game. A reference in Canadian is to be seen on the books section of! This book is Tout sur le jeu , by Philippe Bouvard.

Have a broadband Internet connection

Playing live requires significant bandwidth resources. To avoid having to wait a few seconds each time you want to play, the best thing to do is to be sure you are well equipped. Indeed, live casino games are extraordinary, but you have to put in the means with a broadband connection. Make sure that your Internet connection is smooth and uninterrupted before you go live!

In case of consecutive losses, take a break!

All the players who lose big have found themselves in embarrassing situations. There is nothing more unpleasant than losing at the casino when you realize that you should have taken a break. Self-control and hindsight are the best assets of experienced players. Never forget that the online casino never closes, and also, that you don’t have to bet every time. The best thing to do in case of consecutive losses is to stop playing. The abstention period can be several hours, or even several days or weeks. By knowing how to manage your emotions and time management, you will not be playing irresponsibly.

You won, so stop!

The gambling house always has an advantage over you, this is called the casino ratio. With table games, the casino margin is overall 3%. So the more you play, the more likely you are to lose. The best thing to do to change this trend is to stop playing after making enough money. Setting a goal is the thing to do. If for example you admitted a budget of C $ 200, you could say that once you reach C $ 500 you withdraw your funds and stop playing. Once this victory achieved, you could play again … But do not do that! The best in these cases is to play another day.

Improve your game strategy

The odds of winning at the casino are higher with winning strategies. Roulette and blackjack fans have mostly heard of strategies that benefit players. Each game has its particularities, so the best thing to do is to specialize in a game and become a champion knowing how to act with each stroke. The book mentioned earlier in this article (Tout sur le jeu), by Philippe Bouvard, reviews the most well-known game strategies. If you read this book, you will know about these proven techniques. However, be aware that there are no 100% winning strategies. If such gambling methods existed, casino operators would act very quickly to prevent such practices (for example by changing the rules of the game concerned).

Have a good attitude and be courteous

The live game tables bring together several players and the croupier or the croupier. As in a real game room, courteous language and a serious attitude are recommended (correct attire required!). In the details, occupying a seat only if you are ready to play is obvious. And also, any inappropriate language is to be avoided, such as complaining for no reason or disturbing other players and the dealers. In live online casino, it’s like in Canadian casinos, if a player behaves badly, he can be banned!

Take advantage of free welcome bonuses

This is a big advantage with live online casinos. While land-based casinos are not at all generous with bonuses, at online casino it’s just the opposite. With the Spin Casino live site, you can get up to C $ 1000 in free bonuses. And if you want more, in this case it is at Jackpot City Casino that you should register (bonus of C $ 1600).

Time management – a key factor

To stay fresh and focused, you should only play if you are in good shape. In addition, limiting yourself to a maximum of one or two hours of play is more than enough to produce good results. Remember that the gambling house has an advantage! So if you want to keep a winning spirit, withdrawing after having won a nice sum of money is enough. In any case, and it is proven, you should never play more than two hours in a row. If you play too long, you risk losing your concentration, and suddenly betting without thinking, … and losing. Only you can make a difference! So be a little selfish and only play online casino when you have the full power of your actions. And knowing when to play and when to stop is the strength of any professional player.

Play live on mobile or computer – what’s best?

Without any hesitation, on computer (or Mac)! Even if the live casinos work on iPhone & iPad and on Android devices, a large screen size is recommended to have full control of the game. In addition, using the PC / Mac mouse, the game options are many easier to use compared to mobile options. We must admit that on mobile, it is possible to make mistakes! Just touch without purposely pushing one button over another, and you can lose your bet without wanting to. However if you play live from a tablet, the reading comfort and the options of live gaming are at the point. In short, playing at the live casino is a unique experience. On PC, Mac or tablet, it’s a real immersion in the game world.