Mega Vault

Millions donated each year to the luckiest players in the Mega Vault Millionaire slot machine. We offer you the list of casinos in Canada that offer the most profitable free bonuses that give access to this game.

Mega Vault Millionaire Casino

Recommended casinos enjoy a first-rate reputation in Quebec. While offering the highest welcome bonuses, these casinos are certified. You also benefit in some cases from free spins, such as Zodiac Casino. And also, a loyalty program rewards each user. All told, the 3 casinos below are the highest paying online. Their payout rates are much higher than any other competing site.

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Casino Action

Casino Action

Bonus: CAD $ 1,250 . Site recommended on mobile. Bonuses valid on all games. This casino is ideal for iPhone and Android, and is also popular with ...
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Golden Tiger

Golden Tiger

Bonus: CAD $ 1,500 . Games on PC and Mobile. Golden Tiger is a site for video poker, slots and table games. Each player receives up to CAD $ 1,500 in ...

The Mega Moolah is a video slot machine made by Microgaming. This group is known worldwide for its progressive jackpot games that it produces and makes available to the most famous and popular online casinos in the world (Canada, Europe, Oceania and Asia).

Mega-Moolah: with 5 reels and 25 paylines, the game offers a festive atmosphere on the theme of Africa. 4 progressive jackpots are in play; they offer real chances of winning and collecting money. The Mega Jackpot is the one that attracts the most fans, its prize pool earning at least 1 million. The amount of the Mega Jackpot is constantly increasing thanks to the thousands of players who bet there every day. And according to the progressive principle, with each victory of a player the pot automatically restarts to 1 million.

Record prize pools won

Very often, given the considerable number of players who bet at Mega Moolah, the jackpot of the Mega Jackpot reaches new heights.

It is not uncommon for the big pot to exceed 3 million! It even sometimes reaches more than 10 million … as was the case in 2016, at Zodiac Casino ! The big winner of the century from Zodiac Casino may have a smile on their face! Seeing this, we can easily understand why the Mega Moolah is so enthusiastic on the Internet.

Overall, each month there are 2 great winners at the Mega Moolah. The jackpots won by these lucky players range from one to several million. The amount of the jackpot won depends on the value of the Mega jackpot when the Super jackpot is triggered.

The theme of the game

A safari to meet the animals of the savannah: lions, zebras, giraffes, elephants, buffaloes, antelopes and monkeys. There are also the classic symbols of video poker: the Ace, the King, the Lady, the Jack and the 10. The soundscape: birds and animals of Africa, roars of lions, whistles of birds, and jackpot sounds that immerse you in the world of the most played and paying slot machine in the world.

Which online casino to choose to play?

Our experts recommend several casinos. Depending on the preferences of each, the choice can be made on the reputation of the casino, the amount of free bonuses offered at registration or the graphic style of the site. These casinos of course accept players from Quebec.

Each of the recommended sites has customer support available 7/24. Reliable payment and collection methods recognized by Canadian and European banks are operational.

  • Zodiac Casino
    The online casino with the biggest Mega Moolah winners.
  • Yukon Gold
    The casino that offers chances to win massive jackpots.
  • Grand Mondial
    The casino that offers the easiest options to use on all the games available.

These 3 casinos are displayed on the top list of the best online casinos in our guide. They are also the ones who offer fair welcome bonuses as well as a loyal loyalty program.

Right now Zodiac Casino is the site that offers the biggest bonus games and extra free spins at Mega Moolah. Each member of Zodiac Casino also benefits from a loyalty program which increases the chances of winning the Mega jackpot of the Mega Moolah.

Game options

4 Mega Moolah progressive jackpots. A random bonus activates the wheel of fortune. One of the following jackpots can be won:

  • The Mega Jackpot which starts with a jackpot of at least 1 million to be won.
  • The Major Jackpot with a minimum gain of 10,000.
  • The Minor Jackpot which starts at 100.
  • The Mini Jackpot with a minimum gain of 10.

These 4 jackpots are continuously fed by a fraction of the bets of each player of the Mega Moolah. As the game is available at more than 500 European, Canadian and international casinos, the amounts of the jackpots at stake are still increasing. Even when a lucky player wins the Mega Jackpot of over a million! Each time a lucky player wins the Mega jackpot, the prize pool is immediately restarted at 1 million.